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Online Digital Warranty Management System - iOS/Android Web App

Webasto, the German Parts manufacturer of Heaters, Coolers, Sunrooves, EV Batteries and Hepa Filters and Fridges for campers, approached us for delivering several Digital Solutions. 

The solutions we provided were, Typo3 Web Management and updating to the main Japan Website in Japanese, adding a Digital Warranty Managemeent system to their entire nationwide dealer network for registering and managing warranties of all products sold and their installation details. An iOS App was attached to this system. 

Currently there are over 10,000 registered installations saving ghr company on paper, staff time, management hiccups and being able to access the system remotely came to fruition during a pandemic where employees worked from home and used the digital j-tech solution. 

The system is owned by JTS and available for other brands and companies to be labelled and used for any products required. 
JTS was also approached to supply the system for watch brands and to add a Digital Manual vault for those watches. 

Please contact us on info at and we can provide you with obligation free quotes for your integration into your products sales to customer to repair flow. 

December 01, 2019
Digital Transformation / Technology / Warranty